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LangPress makes it easy for language learning hobbyists to receive feedback from native speakers on their blog posts.

On your quest to fluency, you’ll have to learn new words, listen to native speakers, read books and articles but any of that makes sense if you don’t concretely use that knowledge to construct phrases from your own.

That’s why blogging is an excellent language learning strategy and you could be part of an amazing community of people who help each others!

Start applying a blogging strategy in your daily language learning routine!

Reproduce a dialog you hear

Translate a song or a documents

Draft a story of your own



Following its founding in Montreal, LangPress quickly integrated the e-learning ecosystem and started receiving its first posts from users.


Learning a language is a process that requires multiple facets: you have to first understand, then learn, then memorize and finally put in practice.

Unfortunately, in the comfort of our homes, in a country that doesn’t quite allows you to practice these recently acquired learnings, you’ll have to find native people to practice with, adjust to their time zone, hope they doesn’t choke up on you, etc. That can be a very disappointing and difficult process.

LangPress offers a new alternative for intermediate and advanced language learners to exteriorize their learning in a concrete and reviewed way thanks to a community of native speakers who also blog in different languages.

Our team

As any startup, LangPress is operated by a very humble team. In fact, just one person at the moment. Hopefully, this will change in a near future.

Danny Coulombe

I like to develop my own tools so I can came up with new learning approaches.

Special thanks to:

The open-source community, the people who develop libraries and tools and put them out there for the need of others so we can came up with new cool ideas faster.

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