We’re officially live!

January 1st, 2021 · 157 words · 1 min read

Recently, I have been working on two different language learning projects: Polymind and this one, LangPress. I created these projects to distribute the tools and ways of doing that I personally prefer to practice on a daily basis. Many people told me things such as: “Are you sure people will blog to learn languages?” and “There’s already Duolingo and thousands of other apps out there” but I chose to continue working on LangPress because I continue to believe that this approach hasn’t being done quite right yet.

So here it is: a blogging platform that anybody can use in order to obtain and give corrections on foreign languages they’re trying to learn.

I tried my best to ship the most fundamental features, but a lot is still missing yet, so please be understanding. You might also found some issues here and there, testing takes lots of resources. If you find one, kindly send me an email.


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